Graff Remover- Graffix 6 Gal


Manufacturers Code: 31369,31369


Quantity: 6 Gal



Graffix - graffiti remover

GRAFFIX is an environmentally safe liquid gel used to remove paint and chemical resistant coatings and does not contain MEK or other harsh, ammable chemicals. It is specially designed to remove multiple layers of oil and latex paints from various substrates, including HDPE, wood, brick, stone or metal. Gel is formulated to adhere to vertical surfaces without running.

GRAFFIX contains no water and is intended to be used undiluted. Spray GRAFFIX on surface to be treated. Allow 1 minute for formula to activate. For best results, wipe o‑ with provided sponge. Rough towel or rag is also acceptable. Deep penetrations of ink or paint may require a second application. Apply GRAFFIX and allow gel to soak an additional 2-4 minutes. Wipe with sponge and rinse if necessary.

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